Leisure Attendant

Responsible To: Managers/Supervisors

Leisure Attendants are team members are primarily trained to manage queues for rides and tyres, provide assistance to lifeguards during emergency procedures and assist in keeping the changing rooms and toilets clean and tidy. Individuals should be able to work as part of a team and communicate effectively.

Hours: Varying shift patterns are available including evenings and weekends.

Primary Objectives: To assist lifeguards to maintain a disciplined, safe and relaxed, environment for visitors by educating them to adopt the correct code of behaviour during their visit.

Main Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • To ensure that queues for the rides and tyres remain orderly and are initiated when required
  • To ensure that visitors adopt the correct riding position at the start of the rides
  • To ensure that visitors use the traffic light control system correctly
  • To ensure that visitors are dispatched one at a time, and that they do not link or chain down any of the rides
  • To monitor and prevent visitors from wearing jewellery. Advise customers who MUST wear spectacles or goggles to check in at reception
  • To maintain a clean and safe environment in the changing room, toilets and other areas around the park
  • To maintain discipline within the queues and on the start platforms of rides through effective communication
  • Communicate with both visitors and colleagues when performing these tasks
  • Educate visitors in water safety and our Splashcode through effective communication
  • Offer advice and assistance to visitors when required
  • Identify problems and alert qualified staff and management

Skills Required: Applicants will need to be friendly and outgoing, and willing to complete all tasks set to them in a professional and effective manner.

Training: Team members are expected to follow the training and guidance given to them by the management and supervisor teams. You will need to attend any scheduled training days as well as keeping any necessary qualifications up to date.

Please Note: Good spoken and written English is a must.

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Leisure Attendant
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